Turn PowerShell Scripts Into Web Tools

With System Frontier, you can allow your Help Desk or end users to execute PowerShell scripts without admin rights.

Perfect for System Administrators

System Frontier is a Privilege Access Management solution that bridges the gap between systems management, access control and automation. Instead of giving full administrator rights to a user for specific support tasks, System Frontier allows system administrators to delegate granular permissions through an intuitive web interface.

No HTML? No Problem

You don’t have to know HTML, YAML or any front-end web frameworks to create rich, dynamic web applications with System Frontier.
All the backend code for tools can be PowerShell and leverage a simple object.property structure to manipulate web form controls and events.

System Frontier interface showing Custom Tools management with a list of tools and their details, and a Create AD User form for adding a new Active Directory user with fields for UserID, sAMAccountName, Password, Last Name, and group memberships.


Granular Permissions

Nervous about providing users blanket access to your Windows or Linux systems, Active Directory, Cloud or network devices? With System Frontier, you can take total control over the security of your data with the exact permission set that makes sense for each team in your organization.

Leverage Existing Scripts

Leverage your existing investment in PowerShell, Python or other scripting languages by adding them to a web based toolbox. All your teams scripts in one place with dynamically generated web forms to capture user input and a parallel job engine to multithread tasks faster, without writing extra code.

Full Audit Trail

System Frontier stores a comprehensive action log for every user in the database. Now you can easily and accurately monitor the actions, tasks and access of any user. You can even go back and see the script output from previous jobs.

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