2.2.0 (2024-07-11) #

What’s New #

  • Add custom help link to Settings > About page
  • Show sockets per core and total logical processor
  • Mark custom fields to be treated as a switch parameter
  • Computer import now accepts the string values for Type, Environment and Status columns

Bug Fixes #

  • Admin user gets locked out if there is a domain configuration issue
  • Invalid license error on Job API GET call
  • Unable to rename computer
  • Computer CPU socket and core count wording leads to confusion
  • Vertical alignment issues on Computer hardware tab
  • Credentials not set on new domain entry
  • Role member AD search throws hard error if domain isn’t configured properly or is offline
  • Computer import broken after recent library update

2.1.1 (2024-06-24) #

Bug Fixes #

  • Missing Web.runtimeconfig.json after new web install

2.1.0 (2024-06-17) #

Initial Release #

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