Using System Frontier

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When you first connect to System Frontier from a web browser, you are presented with a dashboard with some basic information about your environment, the total computer count and your recent searches.


Quickly find systems by name, description, serial number, IP address or operating system.

The last 10 searches you’ve made appear on the right side of the dashboard and give you a quick way to go back to something you’ve touched recently.


Computer Management Console

When you select any server or workstation object, the management console is where you can view information about it and perform various operational support tasks.

All of the tabs across the top represent real-time data, except for Summary, Tools and History. Other tabs, when activated, will perform WMI queries to pull back information. What data is returned and the actions a delegated user can take on it will depend on the permissions assigned to the Role(s) they are in.


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