Adding and Importing Computers

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The System Frontier database must have computers existing in the data so that you can perform actions or view information about them. There are multiple ways to input those objects.

How to Input Computers into the Database

Here are the different ways that computers can be entered into System Frontier:

  • Add them manually.
  • Import them from a file.
  • Use the Import API.
The preferred method to import computers into System Frontier is to use the Import API

Adding Computers Manually

Manage > Computers > Add

On the Add Computer page, fill in the data and click Add. The Hostname, Description, Environment, and Status fields (in bold) are required.

The Add Computer page

Importing Computers from a File

Manage > Computers > Import

You can import computers from a text file containing a list of computers. Simply put one computer or IP address per line.

If you want to add Description, Environment, and Status, be sure the columns are TAB delimited and that the Environment and Status values are valid in System Frontier. You can view those fields in the Add Computers page to check what are valid values. Those fields must be TAB delimited added in this order:

  1. Hostname or IP Address
  2. Description
  3. Status
  4. Environment
An example of what you would put into a file to be ready for import

Click Choose File to pick the text file containing the data and then click Import.

The Import Computers page

Using the Import API

The preferred way to add computers into System Frontier is to use the Import API. This will let you import from Active Directory, from a REST API, or from another database.

Be sure to read the User Guide for more information.

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