Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is System Frontier?

    System Frontier is a Privilege Access Management solution that bridges the gap between systems management, access control, and automation. Instead of giving full administrator rights to a user needing to perform specific support tasks, System Frontier makes it easy to delegate granular permissions to perform those tasks using an intuitive web interface. Users never need direct access to privileged accounts.

  • What is Privilege Access Management (PAM)?

    Privilege Access Management (PAM) refers to the practice of managing and controlling access to privileged accounts and resources within an organization’s IT infrastructure. System Frontier is a PAM solution designed to enhance security and control over these privileged accesses.

  • How does System Frontier help reduce administrator rights?

    System Frontier enables organizations to reduce administrator rights by allowing them to delegate specific resource management tasks, whether on-premise or in the cloud, without granting full administrator access. This granular delegation enhances security.


  • What is the significance of System Frontier’s “easy button” tools?

    System Frontier’s “easy button” tools are web-based interfaces for scripts that allow non-administrators to perform complex tasks easily and securely. These tools enhance efficiency and reduce the risk associated with providing blanket access to systems.

  • How can System Frontier help organizations save on labor costs?

    System Frontier can help organizations save on labor costs by streamlining delegation and reducing admin rights. This allows tasks to be performed by non-administrators, freeing up IT teams for more critical responsibilities.

  • What scripting languages are supported for creating web-based tools in System Frontier?

    System Frontier supports various scripting languages, including PowerShell, PowerShell Core, Python, and other scripting languages, for creating web-based tools without the need for additional coding.

  • How does System Frontier simplify the management of Windows OS versions?

    System Frontier offers a single interface for managing Windows OS versions, allowing administrators to perform tasks and access resources across different versions of the operating system from one centralized location.

  • What is the primary goal of System Frontier’s audit trail?

    The primary goal of System Frontier’s audit trail is to provide a transparent record of all actions and access, ensuring accountability and enabling organizations to monitor the activities of users with delegated permissions.

  • Can System Frontier be used to manage access to third-party applications?

    Yes, System Frontier can be used to manage access to third-party applications in addition to in-house applications. This provides a centralized platform for controlling access across various software solutions.

  • How does System Frontier handle compliance with regulatory requirements?

    System Frontier helps organizations achieve compliance with regulatory requirements by maintaining a detailed action log for each user. This log includes information such as what actions were performed, when they were performed, and by whom, facilitating compliance audits.

  • Can System Frontier be used in both on-premise and cloud environments?

    Yes, System Frontier can be used in both on-premise and private cloud environments, providing flexibility for organizations to manage resources wherever they are hosted while maintaining control over their data.

  • What types of permissions can be delegated using System Frontier?

    System Frontier enables the delegation of a wide range of permissions, including the ability to manage services, scheduled tasks, processes, event logs, and more across various devices and directory objects.

  • What is RBAC, and how does System Frontier implement it?

    RBAC stands for Role-Based Access Control. System Frontier implements RBAC by allowing organizations to define roles and granular permissions. This ensures that users have access only to the resources and tasks necessary for their roles, enhancing security.

  • How does System Frontier enhance the security of PowerShell scripts?

    System Frontier allows you to turn PowerShell scripts into secure web tools with a web GUI for user input. This eliminates the need for users to have blanket access to systems, enhancing the security of your data by providing controlled access to script functionalities.

  • What is the difference between System Frontier Community Edition and Enterprise Edition?

    The Community Edition of System Frontier is free and allows you to build secure web interfaces using PowerShell and other scripting languages. The Enterprise Edition offers additional features such as priority support, security architecture guidance, and consulting services for script/tool development and integrations.

  • Can System Frontier integrate with other IT applications?

    Yes, System Frontier can integrate with various IT applications and tools, including SCCM, ServiceNow, Active Directory, and more. This integration capability enhances its versatility and usability within an organization’s IT ecosystem.

  • What industries can benefit from using System Frontier?

    System Frontier is versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries, including Fortune 100 companies, healthcare providers, energy companies, financial institutions, and government agencies.

  • Is System Frontier suitable for organizations of all sizes?

    Yes, System Frontier is designed to be scalable and can be used by organizations of various sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises. It offers a range of features to meet the needs of different business sizes.

  • What types of resources can be managed remotely with System Frontier?

    System Frontier allows remote management of a wide range of resources, including Windows and Linux servers, physical and virtual machines, network devices, and even user accounts and permissions.

  • What are the advantages of using System Frontier’s web-based interface?

    The web-based interface of System Frontier provides several advantages, including accessibility from anywhere, the ability to manage diverse resources from a single location, and the capability to delegate tasks without direct access to privileged accounts.

  • How does System Frontier handle audit and compliance reporting?

    System Frontier maintains a comprehensive history of all actions taken within the system, including details such as the user who performed the action, the target system or object, what was done, and the date and time of the action. This data is crucial for accurate audit and compliance reporting.