Welcome to System Frontier

Last modified June 26, 2024

Welcome to System Frontier, your comprehensive solution for privilege management and automation. Whether you’re an IT administrator, a security engineer, or an infrastructure engineer, System Frontier is designed to simplify and secure your remote management tasks across various environments, including Windows, Linux, physical and virtual machines, users, and network devices.

What is System Frontier? #

System Frontier is a robust platform that empowers organizations to control administrator rights on servers and workstations. It streamlines operations and enhances security, allowing you to delegate granular permissions using an intuitive web-based console. This enables your organization to reduce the number of administrators with full access rights, thereby improving overall security and operational efficiency.

Key Features of System Frontier #

  • Role-Based Access Control: Delegate admin rights with precision, ensuring that users have only the necessary permissions to perform their tasks.
  • Integration with Existing Tools: Maximize your investment in existing tools like PowerShell by integrating them into System Frontier’s web-based toolbox. Capture user input through HTML forms and leverage a multi-threaded job engine without additional coding.
  • Audit & Compliance Reporting: Maintain a comprehensive history of all actions taken within the system, facilitating easy and accurate reporting on user access and activities.
  • Automated Web Tools Creation: System Frontier simplifies the creation of web-based tools by dynamically building web GUIs and REST APIs. This includes role-based access control, logging, and multithreading, all without requiring HTML coding or custom framework knowledge.
  • Sandbox Execution: All commands are executed in a sandbox environment, fully logged, and monitored, allowing administrators complete control and visibility over all changes.

Why Choose System Frontier? #

System Frontier is trusted by organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies, healthcare organizations, energy companies, financial institutions, and government entities. The platform’s focus on least-privilege IT management and automation ensures that your organization can operate securely and efficiently.

By choosing System Frontier, you are investing in a platform that simplifies the delegation of management tasks, reduces administrative rights across the enterprise, and enhances overall security. Start with the free Community Edition to experience the benefits firsthand, and see how System Frontier can transform your IT management processes.

Get Started Today #

Experience the full potential of System Frontier by starting your 30-day free trial. There are no feature limitations, allowing you to explore all the capabilities of the platform and see how it can benefit your organization.

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