Web Installer Guide

Introduction #

This document provides detailed instructions for installing System Frontier using the web installer.

Prerequisites #

  • Ensure you have read and accepted the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  • SQL Server instance name (e.g., SQLExpress).
  • Encryption key for internal encryption (can be generated by the installer or provided by the user).
  • Certificates for secure communication between web servers and the management server.
  • Administrative access to the server where System Frontier will be installed.
  • Supported Windows Server versions: Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016.
  • Supported SQL Server versions as per Microsoft’s active support policy.

Steps #


  1. Read and Accept the EULA
    • Ensure the EULA is read and accepted before proceeding with the installation.
  2. Provide SQL Server Information
    • Enter the SQL Server instance name.
    • If you encounter an error, ensure the instance name is correct (e.g., SQLExpress).
  3. Generate or Provide Encryption Key
    • The encryption key is used for internal encryption within System Frontier.
    • You can either let the installer generate the key or provide your own.
    • Save this key securely, as it will be needed for database migration or reinstallation.
  4. Install Web Server Components
    • The installer will configure Internet Information Services (IIS) with the necessary features.
    • This step ensures IIS is set up correctly, regardless of prior configurations.
  5. Setup Load Balancing (Optional)
    • System Frontier supports horizontal scaling using either built-in load balancing or hardware load balancers like F5.
    • Configure the management server with internal load balancing to manage resources efficiently.
  6. Install Database Components
    • Use Microsoft SQL Server for the database.
    • The installer will configure the database and ensure it is set up correctly.
  7. Install and Configure Certificates
    • Install the same certificate on both the web servers and the management server to authenticate communication.
    • Verify the certificate installation via IIS Manager.
  8. Verify Installation
    • Check the V2 application pool in IIS Manager to ensure everything looks correct.
    • Browse to the site to verify the installation is successful.

Notes #

  • The installer automatically configures IIS features necessary for System Frontier.
  • Supported Windows Server versions include the latest and those currently supported by Microsoft (e.g., Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016).
  • Ensure the encryption key is saved securely for future use.
  • For detailed post-installation steps, refer to the next section in the series.

Additional Information #

  • Certificates: Ensure certificates are installed correctly for secure communication.
  • Load Balancing: Configure load balancing as needed for scalability.
  • Database Configurations: Use SQL Server features like always-on clusters, clustering, and database mirroring as required.

This guide ensures a comprehensive and successful installation of System Frontier using the web installer. For any issues or further assistance, refer to the subsequent sections or reach out to the support team.

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