Install Database

Introduction #

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for installing the System Frontier database on SQL Server 2019 and newer. It is intended for proficient System Frontier users, typically senior server or workstation admins with scripting skills, especially in PowerShell.

Prerequisites #

Before starting the installation, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • SQL Server 2019 or newer is installed and running.
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is installed.
  • System Frontier license key is available.
  • Database administrator (DBA) has created the database ahead of time.
  • SQL login account for the database installation.

Steps #

1. Database Creation #

  1. Have your DBA create a new database on SQL Server. For this guide, we will use FRIENDSHIP_V2 as the database name.

2. Create SQL Login #

  1. Open SSMS and create a new SQL login. Name it SF_SQL_ADMIN.
  2. Ensure this is a SQL account, not a Windows or Active Directory account.
  3. Map this new service account to the System Frontier database and assign it the DB_OWNER role to grant necessary permissions for table creation and database management from the web application.

3. Prepare for Installation #

  1. Ensure the System Frontier license key is handy.

4. Run Database Installer #

  1. Start the System Frontier database installer.
  2. Read and accept the System Frontier EULA.
  3. Enter the Database server name. If using the main instance with SQL Express, input it as SERVERNAME\SQL_EXPRESS.
  4. Enter the service account name (SF_SQL_ADMIN) and password.
  5. Click Test to verify the credentials and database information. Confirm success before proceeding.
  6. Click Next.

5. Administrator Configuration #

  1. By default, the current user’s domain and username will be populated. This user will be the first administrator with access to System Frontier after installation.
  2. If a SQL DBA is running the installer, input the actual administrator’s account to administer the app post-installation.
  3. Click Next.

6. License File Validation #

  1. Select your license file.
  2. Click Validate to ensure the license key is valid.
  3. Click Install.

7. Finalize Installation #

  1. The installer will connect to the database using the provided credentials, set up tables, and initialize necessary data.
  2. Once the installation is complete, you will see a confirmation message.
  3. The database installation is now finished.

Notes #

  • Ensure all steps are followed carefully to avoid installation issues.
  • If there are any errors during the installation, refer to the System Frontier documentation or support for troubleshooting.

This guide ensures a smooth installation process for the System Frontier database, facilitating effective setup and management of the System Frontier application.

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