System Frontier 2.1 Is Here: Elevating PAM, RBAC, and More for Enhanced IT Security

Last modified June 24, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of System Frontier version 2.1, a completely redesigned solution that offers enhanced functionality for privileged access management (PAM), role-based access control (RBAC), PowerShell, automation, and security. Our goal with this new release is to deliver more secure access for IT operational support teams across industries and organizations of all sizes.

“Having spent the last 28 years in IT, with a focus on automation scripting, server management, and access control, I’ve seen firsthand how access controls can be a major source of risk exposure even in sophisticated IT organizations.”
– Founder & CTO, Jay Adams

“For many reasons, privileged administrative access emerges as a vulnerable back door to a company’s most sensitive digital assets. This is the problem we are solving with version 2.1 of System Frontier. With better PAM and RBAC functionality and integration, we help our customers mitigate the risks of privilege escalation and admin credential abuse, among many risk factors.”

User Experience and Customization

System Frontier 2.1 Dashboard
Overview of System Frontier Dashboard displaying key metrics and tool usage statistics.

System Frontier 2.1 boasts a faster, more modern user interface that enhances the user experience. The intuitive dashboard provides a clear overview of your IT environment, including the number of tools, servers, desktops, and unknown devices. It also displays important metrics such as the number of running tasks, users, applications, and collections, allowing you to quickly assess the status of your systems.
The dashboard’s top tool authors and most used tools charts offer valuable insights into tool usage and performance. We’ve added more customization features, allowing you to tailor the solution to your organization’s specific needs. The ease of use for end users with delegated access ensures that your team can efficiently manage your IT systems without compromising security.

Access Control and Security

System Frontier interface showing Custom Tools management with a list of tools and their details, and a Create AD User form for adding a new Active Directory user with fields for UserID, sAMAccountName, Password, Last Name, and group memberships.
Custom Tools management and Active Directory user creation screen in System Frontier.

The redesigned solution offers enhanced functionality for PAM and RBAC, ensuring that your organization can effectively manage access to sensitive systems and data. With improved capabilities for PowerShell, automation, and security, System Frontier 2.1 helps you mitigate the risks of privilege escalation and admin credential abuse.
The Custom Tools feature allows you to create and share secure web tools using PowerShell, Python, and other scripting languages, while providing a centralized view of all tools, their descriptions, categories, statuses, owners, and last modified dates.
The Create AD User tool exemplifies the solution’s ability to automate common tasks, such as creating users in Active Directory and populating standard groups. Every action now automatically has an audit trail, making it easier to meet audit and compliance requirements.

Scalability and Integration

System Frontier interface showing the summary details of a server named w2k22b, including hostname, type, description, IP address, status, remote management address, operating system, environment, manufacturer, model, domain/workgroup, distinguished name, asset ID, serial number, and last seen date and time.
Summary details of the server in System Frontier.

System Frontier 2.1 is built for enterprise-ready scalability, ensuring that it can grow with your organization. The solution provides a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure, including detailed information about servers, such as their hostname, IP address, operating system, manufacturer, model, domain, distinguished name, and asset ID. This level of detail enables effective management and monitoring of your servers.
The richer API allows for seamless integration with your existing tools and systems. The built-in tools and extensibility of custom script-based tools enable cross-discipline teams to manage Windows and Linux servers and desktops, printer and network devices, and directory user accounts, on-premises or in the cloud, all within the same platform.

System Frontier 2.1 takes PAM and RBAC to new levels of efficacy and ease of use. With enhanced security, customization, and scalability features, our solution empowers teams across every aspect of your IT support model to benefit from the rich set of built-in tools and the extensibility of custom script-based tools. Upgrade to System Frontier 2.1 today and experience the difference in securing your IT systems and data.