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New Release: Making Sure You Know What You Don’t Know

Read-only Tool View Building tools in System Frontier and delegating the right ones to the right users can really increase security and boost efficiency in your organization. A problem can crop up though, when users don’t know about the tools you’ve created. Now you can let all users see a read-only list of all tools […]

System Frontier Community Edition Now Available

With the new Community Edition of System Frontier, you can now start building secure PowerShell tools and reducing admin rights for free. Even better, it’s not just limited to PowerShell. Custom Tools are dynamically built web based tools that are powered by your command-line scripts – in any scripting language. The tools run on a […]

Happy New Year 2020

First off, to all our customers and everyone around the world:Happy New Year! A new version of System Frontier is available today. It adds support for toggling between PowerShell Core and PowerShell. The setting only applies to Custom Tools with a “.ps1” extension. PowerShell Core scripts will be run with the version of pwsh.exe that […]

PowerShell Tips Poster

Looking for some great tips on writing better PowerShell? Here’s a poster that you can use as a quick reference online or on your cube or office wall. It’s 36 inches by 24 inches! I gave out printed copies at the Research Triangle PowerShell Saturday event in Raleigh, NC this past weekend and they were […]

System Frontier v1.46.7137.24301

Our customers have spoken and we’ve been listening. In the newest release of System Frontier, we’ve added features to enable better self-service for delegated administrators, an updated dashboard and many bug fixes and improvements. NOTE: The behavior of the ReadCustomTool permission has changed. Any user in a Role with this permission will now have read-only […]

Running Remote Commands And Actually Getting The Output Using Only WMI

If you’ve worked with WMI for any amount of time, you may have run into the following problem: “Creating a remote Windows process using the Win32_Process class is relatively easy, but how do I get the console output?” Have no fear. Win32_Process to the rescue. Wait… no. 🙁 The Create method of the Win32_Process class […]